Our Vision

We believe that people flourish when they have a sense of their own value, self-worth and human dignity, trust those around them, have a network of positive, supportive relationships, can significantly influence the course of their own life, and hope for a good future.

We long to see the lives of those who sleep rough on the streets of Southall transformed as, working in partnership with others:

  • – We build positive, trusting relationships with them founded on their intrinsic worth as fellow human-beings;
  • – We offer them warmth, acceptance and respect;
  • – We seek to foster a sense of dignity, self-respect and hope;
  • – We walk alongside them as they seek to take control of their own lives;
  • – We provide practical help in meeting their basic needs for food, shelter and security;
  • – We¬†speak up on their behalf, giving a voice to the voiceless;
  • – We provide a stable, supportive framework in which they can tackle some of the obstacles they face, such as drug and alcohol misuse, mental ill-health, lack of documentation or uncertain immigration status.